Aibot AX 20

Leica Aibot AX 20 

Reliable UAV platform supports efficient data capture for site monitoring and asset mapping

As a complete workflow management solution, UAV technology allows you to process and analyse millions of data points gathered from above and to visualise the data to provide actionable information. UAV data can be combined with existing survey technologies, such as TPS, GPS, and laser scanning providing a more complete set of information. By taking only minutes to survey a site, UAVs enable the completion of projects at a lower cost and with fewer staff.

This flying platform is specifically designed for professional industrial applications. The modular design makes this system easy to set up and ready to use in just minutes. The Leica AX20 includes intelligent data asset management and trusted Leica Geosystems GNSS technology for highly accurate data. The platform can be completed with various sensor payloads.

Professional surveying, geo mapping and asset inspection are dynamic processes, and the base for many engineering projects. The Leica Aibot SX brings several improvements to the surveying industry by capturing data faster to generate accurate orthophotos, 3D models and point clouds in high density.

3D mapping

With the millions of points recorded, operators, contractors and surveyors can generate precise 3D point clouds with Leica Infinity using easy-to-use software like Hexagon’s 3D Reshaper for analysis, assessment and to provide a digital image of the reality.

Asset inspection

Traditional inspection of remote assets like bridges, transmission lines and railway networks are unsafe and tedious undertakings. UAVs can reach and inspect assets remotely keeping staff safe to increase deployment efficiency and avoid expensive safety shut-downs

Cadastral survey

Land and cadastral survey of local areas such as new urban developments and suburbs are ideal projects for UAV data capture. Accurate, high-resolution orthophotos provide the base map to mark boundary lines, assess properties and identify encroachment.

Volume calculations
Calculating volumes of stockpiles becomes an easy task when executed with a UAV compared to traditional surveying methods. The Leica Aibot CX captures thousands of points from the air in a fraction of the time. The data is used to create a 3D model for more accurate volume calculations.

Efficient flight planning simplifies parameters essential for professional photogrammetry. UAV surveying has been proven to be faster, safer and more cost effective than traditional survey, making it the perfect addition to the traditional surveying equipment portfolio. Leica Aibot SX flying parameters can be optimised for each application from identifying property boundary lines over topographic mapping to insurance value assessments and classification.

Leica Aibot skyCAPP is designed for optimal control of the Leica Aibot UAV platform during flight execution. Manage the mission and automatically capture data according to pre-set flight plans. Primary and secondary screen views allow pilots to switch between real-time streaming of two on-board cameras and a map view. Seamlessly pause and resume missions, manage battery life safely and easily switch between camera and video mode so you can focus on flying the UAV.

Precision and data resolution is the key to a successful UAV project. Leica Geosystems provides a fully integrated workflow for all standard sensors to simplify your daily UAV tasks and get the optimal results. Our engineers and experts have chosen two standard sensors for highest reliability, quality and service. These cameras are the best-in-class to capture data for photogrammetry producing accurate photos, orthophotos and point clouds.
Sony αR7II                                
The world’s first back-illuminated full-frame sensor offers higher resolution, sensitivity, and readout speed. This 42.4-megapixel CMOS sensor enhances light collection efficiency, expands circuitry scale, and, with the help of a quick-transmission copper wiring layer, outputs data about 3.5 times faster, while minimising image noise.

Sony α6300
The Sony α6300 is an APS-C mirrorless camera that takes autofocusing (AF), imaging speed and performance to astonishing new heights. With superior speed, response, and quality in a compact body this sensor delivers images with less noise within a wide sensitivity range. Record the ultimate resolution in 4K movie quality. 

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